Welcome to the website for the book Handbook of Regression Modeling in People Analytics by Keith McNulty. Content can be used freely with appropriate referencing.

This book is available in bootstrap format and, for those who prefer, in a more plain gitbook format.

Notes on data used in this book

For R and Python users, each of the data sets used in this book can be downloaded individually by following the code in each chapter. Alternatively for R users who intend to work through all of the chapters, all data sets can be loaded into an R session in advance by installing and loading the peopleanalyticsdata R package.

# install and load all data sets in the book

# see a list of data sets
data(package = "peopleanalyticsdata")

# find out more about a specific data set ('managers' example)

Comments on this book

This book is in permanent open review. Feedback and requests for new content should be made via the issues section of the book’s Github repo.

Solutions to exercises

It is not my intention to publish a comprehensive set of solutions to the exercises in this book. Many of the exercises can be approached in different ways and I think it is important that readers apply their learning without being constrained to an example solution. However, some specific questions have generated considerable interest from readers and I have started to post example solutions to those questions here. Illustrative solutions submitted by readers will progressively be posted there also.

Happy modeling!

Last update: 25 January 2021